Mandre – Tourist resort located on the south side island of Pag with a beautiful view of Silba and Olib and the little islands Maun and Skrda which abound in coves and beautiful beaches. Along Mandre is a beach with clear blue sea.
The location is perfect for those who want to peaceful vacation in magnificent natural surroundings holm, drystone walls and crystalline blue sea.
The place exudes hospitality of the locals are always ready to provide as much atmosphere of this beautiful area.
Thus, it is possible in summer days fishing on fishing “Rides” and enjoy the pleasures of the sea, sun and seafood caught with your help.
The culinary specialties can be enjoyed in local restaurants, and “cooling” for the summer heat in numerous coffee bars near the beach. Playground, boćalište, playground are offered always friendly population of Mandre.
In the action list and Zadar Zadar County Tourist ”Flower for the outside world more beautiful” 2003. godine Mandre has been recognized category of u The most beautiful place in the county